The drama "Hee-soo (My Daughter)" is one of the "2021 KBS Drama Special TV Cinema series", but it takes a cinematic approach as an independent work.
This drama was the winner of the Best Drama category at the "Korea UHD Award 2021" and was awarded the Best Feature Narrative at the "Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival" in 2023.


AI and Motherhood

Ju-eun and Tae-hoon are parents who lost their six-year-old daughter, Hee-soo, in a tragic car accident. Unable to overcome their grief, they continue to live each day in a state of profound sorrow.Unable to bear seeing Ju-eun's deteriorating condition, Tae-hoon decides to follow his friend Jun-beom's advice and restore their daughter Hee-soo through virtual reality (VR) technology, as he is a programmer.However, what initially seemed like a path to reclaim happiness for the family takes a dark turn due to Ju-eun's intense fixation on the AI version of Hee-soo. Their once-promising journey turns into a relentless descent into turmoil.


So-min, Sung-hoon, Yun-seul...

Actress "Jeon, So-min" portrays the role of "Hwang, Joo-eun", the mother of Hee-soo, while actor "Park, Sung-hoon" takes on the role of "Go, Tae-hoon", Hee-soo's father. "Kim, Yun-seul" breathes life into the character of "Go, Hee-soo", captivating viewers with her performance. The talented actor "Kim, Kang-hyun" portrays an AI expert who plays a significant role in the unfolding story.
Director: Choi, Sang-yeol
Writer: Yeom, Jei


UHD Award, Ramsgate Festival

The drama "Hee-soo" won the top prize in the drama category at the Korea UHD Award 2021 (KOREA UHD Award 2021).
Actors "Jeon, So-min" and "Park, Sung-hoon" received awards in the male and female categories, respectively, at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards for their outstanding performances in the Drama Special TV Cinema division.
The film drama "My Daughter (Hee-soo)" was awarded the Best Feature Narrative at the Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival in 2023.


AI & sense of loss

The drama "Hee-soo" deserves attention for tackling the currently controversial subject of science and technology, as it attempts to bring a more relatable SF drama to the public.

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